Pink Floral Entrance by Desi Weddings and Events

Desi Weddings and Events enjoys staying on the cutting edge of wedding design. Each month, we will feature a current Trend. Today we will explore Entrances. South Asian wedding designers around the globe are creating dramatic Entrances for their clients. After all, you only get ONE opportunity to create a First impression. What will the Entrance to your shaadi say about you?

Elegant entrances by Desi Wedding and Events


Beautiful Wedding Designs by Desi Weddings and Events

Whether your style is modern or traditional, organic or elegant, there is a perfect Entrance for your wedding. Our team has spotted 3 main styles of Entrances: draped, lighting and floral. Let’s start with draped Entrances. Desi Weddings have long relied on beautiful draping for their Mandaps and Stage décor. Now, designers are expanding the draping to the wedding Entrances. Draping is versatile. Add some greenery and gold lanterns and you have a lovely organic Entrance. Or if you have a flair for the dramatic, go with bold red draping and tons of ferns for a lush, tropical Entrance.

A Touch of Class by Desi Wedding and Events

Draped Entrances don’t have to be a straight line for point A to point B. Take this breathtaking Entrance in New Delhi for example. The strategic placement of mirrored panels, white draping, candles and florals led the guests on an unforgettable journey into this Indian bride’s wedding celebration. The effect is simply gorgeous!

Gold Twinkling Lights entrance by Desi Weddings and Events

Twinkle lights have always been a favorite for the Desi Weddings and Events team. They turn any event into a magical moment and this Entrance is no exception. The arched tunnel of twinkle lights told every guest that this wedding was going to be spectacular.

Purple Wedding Entrance by Desi Weddings and Events


Red Floral Wedding Entrance by Desi Weddings and Events

Our Desi Weddings and Events floral designers are obsessed with the floral Entrances. The options are as endless as the flowers in the fields and the personalities of our brides and grooms. Included are 3 examples for your inspiration. The formal architectural red rose Entrance speaks of a couple who likes order and tradition. The curved pink floral tunnel Entrance says “we enjoy the journey- let’s see what’s around the next bend in the road”. And the purple lighted floral Entrance, complete with disco balls screams “Let’s get the party started!”

Romantic Wedding Entrances by Desi Weddings and Events

Whether you select draping, lighting or floral for your Entrance, let Desi Weddings and Events create the perfect Entrance for your wedding day. We would love to help you create the perfect First impression at your wedding.

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Photos Courtesy of Pakistan Vogue, 3’s Company, Pink Palki, Elements by Harkrishan, Tantawanbloom, Marks Garden, and Unique Designs and Events.